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This series of e-guides offer ways to achieve success, lead authentically and thrive professionally to uncover solutions to your most difficult organizational challenges.

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This series of presentations showcases the ways audiences can break through limiting beliefs, effectively using one’s voice in the workplace, building a personal brand, and techniques for growing in your leadership role.

How to Deal With a Boss Who Humiliates You
How to Break Through Limiting Beliefs
How to Tackle Disruptive Change and Empower Your Workplace Culture
Children's Hospitals Week
How to Deal With Loss and Adversity

and Strong

Gracious and Strong is an essential guide for facing into adversity and making hard-right decisions that lead to life-changing opportunities.

Celia’s personal stories of her life and career are at the core of this book. She shares practical insights for you to apply to your own leadership journey.

You will learn how to:

  • Feel the freedom to be your most authentic self
  • Overcome leadership strongholds, appearing as fears and limiting beliefs
  • Inspire others to be a part of your journey and make it worthwhile for them
  • Expand your networks, and do not keep yourself in isolation
  • Change the voice in your head to one of confidence and belief in yourself
  • Align yourself with people and organizations that possess your values, and
  • Harness the secret ingredient of steadfast resilience.

More importantly, this book will teach you what it means to adopt a ‘Gracious and Strong’ leadership style that will help you experience a life well led.

General Book Info

TITLE: Gracious and Strong: How to Rise Above the Unexpected Left Turns of Life and Leadership
AUTHOR: Celia Swanson
PUBLISHER: Clovercroft Publishing
RETAIL PRICE: Hardback – $24.95 | Paperback – $14.99
ISBN: 978-1-945507-76-2
PAGES: 164

Gracious and Strong is available at major online retailers

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