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Discover the resilient leader in you.

Empower yourself and your organization to rise above unexpected challenges

Leadership isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, leadership is specifically designed for those who can rise above the unexpected challenges they face day in and day out.

I’m Celia, and I’d like to help you do just that. I’m best known for breaking the glass ceiling as the first female EVP of Walmart Inc., leading membership, marketing, logistics, people and culture for the world’s largest company.


Gracious & Strong Podcast

Let’s face it. The stakes are higher today for leaders than ever before. Resilient, transparent leadership is not just needed, but required of all of us as leaders. 

Several years ago, I set out to write what would eventually become my book, Gracious and Strong, a story about the very raw and highly rewarding moments of my career as the first female EVP of Walmart, Inc. 

Fast forward to today. I’ve had the pleasure of working with and coaching thousands of leaders. 

I’ll share with you what it means to lead with a “gracious and strong” mindset and will share not only the personal stories and case studies from my own Fortune 1 career, but also those of other Fortune 500 leaders who have faced — and overcome — leadership obstacles. My hope is to empower you to become not just a great leader — but a “whole” leader — in both work and life. 

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Sharpen Your Mind

Leaders never know what might be around the corner. Yet, they are expected to face any circumstance head-on, no matter the situation. Each day brings unique challenges, opportunities, and even unexpected change. I’ve prepared several resources to help you rise above the very real obstacles you face in life and your career.


This series of e-guides offer ways to achieve success, lead authentically and thrive professionally to uncover solutions to your most difficult organizational challenges.


This series of presentations showcases the ways audiences can break through limiting beliefs, effectively using one's voice in the workplace, building a personal brand, and techniques for growing in your leadership role.


Gracious and Strong unpacks the very raw and highly rewarding moments of my career as the first female EVP of Walmart, Inc. It teaches what it means to adopt a “gracious and strong” leadership mindset that will help you experience a life well-led.

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I’m here to help.

I draw from more than 40 years in corporate leadership with major retailers, most notably leading large-scale transformational change within Walmart U.S., global culture integration and strategy, employee engagement, and organizational effectiveness. A large part of my career was spent in the HR and culture, talent and leadership alignment space, so I saw first-hand the ways transformative leadership could elevate — or ruin — a company’s initiatives. 

I’d love to connect with you about how I can help you achieve your leadership and organizational goals.

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My Approach is Simple

I believe the very best and most trusted leaders have a gracious and strong mindset. More importantly, they can capture the heart, mind and respect of those they lead.

Leading with The Heart

When you can ignite a sense of purpose within yourself and within others.

Leading with The Mind

When you can empower your best thinking through resilience and grit.

Leading with Respect

When you advocate for yourself and your team while earning unwavering trust.

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