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Celia Swanson, the first female Executive Vice President at Walmart, joins Andy Wilson on the latest episode of Doing Business in Bentonville.

Have you ever been blindsided by life’s pivotal moments, the ones that shake the very foundation of your plans? Celia Swanson joins Andy Wilson to unravel the tapestry of leadership and life, bringing to light the strength derived from moments of unexpected change. The duo weave through Celia’s research on resilience—how to bounce back from failure, balance the demands of parenting with a professional career, and how to navigate toxic workplace environments. They’re not just talking theory, but sharing real-life strategies to stand up for what’s right and positively influence the spaces we inhabit, even under the shadow of a difficult boss.

This episode is a heartfelt journey through the highs and lows that shape career paths and personal visions. From the tumultuous experience of job loss to the rekindling of purpose that guides us to new horizons, Celia and Andy reflect on the transformative power of aligning personal values with work, and the unexpected joys that can emerge from embracing change. As both recount tales of family support and community engagement, including Celia’s family move to Northwest Arkansas that sparked a legacy of bike trails, be prepared to find encouragement and actionable wisdom. Andy and Celia underscore the importance of defining your core values, seeking clarity, and making choices that echo authenticity and positive intent in the aftermath of life’s surprises. Join them for a conversation that promises to embolden your steps, wherever they may lead.

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