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Celia Swanson

In short

I’m best known for leading large-scale transformation for Walmart US, people development, culture strategy and championing women. I now speak, consult and coach leaders to rise above unexpected challenges in leadership and life.

There have been unexpected left turns along the way.

I faced many unexpected left turns throughout my Fortune 1 career:

  • Led large-scale transformation for Walmart US
  • Rebranded the division of Sam’s Club, a $50 billion business
  • Led through eight CEO transitions at Sam’s Club and Walmart US
  • Led as a corporate executive through two major recessions

My life hasn't always been a straightforward path.

Throughout most of my career, I was considered to be an Only, which is what research defines as any woman who is often the only or one of the few women in the room. You may know exactly what I’m talking about, whether you are a woman in a male-dominated profession, or your race, ethnicity or sexual orientation has made you the only one “like you” in the room.

I had to dig deep.

I had to dig deep to discover who I truly wanted to be as a leader. It required me to make  a lot of hard right decisions that eventually led me to having what I call a Gracious and Strong Mindset. This framework was a key part of my authentic leadership journey  because it required me to ‘lead with the heart’, ‘lead with the mind’, and ‘lead with respect’.

Today, you can find me pursuing my passion in coaching, speaking, and leadership development.

I work with executive leaders, board directors and leadership teams to help navigate their toughest challenges.

I’m also passionate about championing women to achieve their fullest potential as well as identify what they want out of their career and build plans to reach their goals. I share my story in my book, Gracious and Strong, and blog in hopes that even a small detail of it resonates and inspires leaders like you.

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