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Have you ever reached an unexpected point in your life or career where you asked, “What am I meant to do with my life?” Perhaps you’re facing a crisis at work or a moment in time where you want more — a moment where you desire direction and purpose for your life and your legacy.

Are you in that moment now?

When the going gets tough, a knee-jerk response typically is, “How can I find purpose outside my current situation?” When in reality, that’s the wrong question.

Many who ask this question often find themselves on a merry-go-round of emotions, feeling lost and undefined, floundering in their decision-making and struggling to rise above their circumstances. Even worse, they sometimes fail to understand that leadership is not about them and the low hand they’ve been dealt. Instead, it’s about digging deeper into one’s full potential as a resilient leader.

The magic of resilience happens when one finds the courage to press onward even if it requires self-sacrifice. This trait is often found in many of the world’s greatest leaders and can serve as a “secret weapon” for discovering what you’re truly made of. This kind of grit also allows leaders to better define and demonstrate to others who they are and what they stand for.

So how can we shift our mindset and lead with resilience? Here are five golden questions that will help you rise above the challenges you may face.

  • How can I rise above the grips of my current situation? Resilient leaders constantly look for golden moments of growth opportunity amidst the driest seasons in their life or career. Whether they feel stuck in a job or paralyzed by decision-making, they always manage to rise above a ‘woe is me’ mindset and excel in the most challenging circumstances.
  • How can I create opportunity for others? It’s easy to target your vision around the next promotion or title change. Although it’s important to set goals, true success comes when you focus not only on being your best self, but replicating that behavior in others. When leaders take the focus off themselves and create opportunity for others, they will find their greatness and worth through a new threshold of leadership.
  • How can I muster the confidence to lead authentically? Authenticity comes as a result of being grounded and channeling your inner strength to grow and thrive. That is when a true inner calling can reveal itself. This requires an inner confidence and energy that allows us to learn from and face into the unexpected left turns. Foster your ability to find the lesson and use it as an opportunity to re-frame where you go from here. Then find the inner strength and drive to live up to your full potential. This is crucial to your success.
  • How can I influence my family? Most of us know leadership goes beyond the desk. Real success comes when you can set an example for your children and future generations. The goal is for them to look back and say, ‘My grandmother, great grandmother, etc. left an influential imprint on my life. She stood for something important and acted on it.”
  • Amidst it all, how can I remain gracious and strong? As leaders, we all share the same struggle and there’s no clear path set for what’s to come. As you navigate challenges, you must stay focused on setting clear goals, leading authentically and helping others achieve their full potential. Despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles you face, show up as a leader who is gracious and strong.

It’s no doubt resilient leaders feel a strong sense of gratitude and satisfaction that only comes from true grit and self-discipline. Resilient leaders have their sights set not just on getting through the obstacle. They have the skill to re-frame the situation, navigate the challenges and lead along the way.



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