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As this pandemic continues to wreak havoc over our businesses, our people and our global economy, we are left with simply trying to make sense of these uncertain times and lead through it the best we can. To that end, I’m offering a free Crisis Leadership Kit that consists of some of my top insights around fostering culture and leading when it counts.

If you’re navigating how to:

Foster your culture and your people during times of uncertainty and change,

Lead with confidence despite not having all the answers,

Create a powerful vision for what’s next for your company,

this kit may be for you.

I’ve curated each of these guides based on my leadership experience at Walmart Inc. Click and download each of the four guides and keep them on hand for the days to come.

How to Make Crucial Decisions During a Crisis
There’s no rule book to grab when the unthinkable happens. There’s only one driver’s seat with no rule book to guide you. Your people are watching your every move, which is why the decisions you make right now and the way you handle them will define your organization and its leadership for many years to come. This guide includes my key insights on how to make crucial decisions during a crisis to help you as you lead. Download here.

Mastering the Odds of Disruptive Change
Whether it’s an unexpected company acquisition or simply starting a new role, change has become a constant in the swirl of everyday life. Today, we are being asked to work from home, practice social distancing, shelter in place and most of us face financial uncertainty. The models I share with you in this guide and the practices I teach in my consulting will help you master the odds of even the most disruptive change. Download here.

Turnaround Playbook: How to Foster Your Company Culture Through Disruptive Change
Have you ever wondered, ‘How on earth did we get here?’. This playbook serves as a guide to navigating a turnaround in your organization and will teach you how to strengthen the core of your team and overcome some of your toughest employee engagement challenges. It’s based on my experience leading the turnaround of the Talent Development Department at Walmart U.S., as well as the overall transformation of the Walmart U.S. Division. Download here.

Leading with Grace: How to Captivate the Heart, Mind and Respect of Those You Lead
The very best and most trusted leaders lead with grace — which requires cultivating the heart, the mind and respect of the individual. When you lead with grace, you have the courage to lead even when you have to resort to worst-case scenarios. Download here.

I hope this content inspires you to lead well during these unprecedented times.



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