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Chances are if you’re here, it’s because you know me personally or someone you trust pointed you in my direction.

Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled you’re here and am excited to help you rise above the challenges you may face in life and your leadership journey.

If you’re like most leaders, you struggle with the conflict that comes with managing a successful career and meeting life’s demands. You may even feel like a different person at home than you are at work.

In my case, I was tough as nails in the office, but when I came home I realized I couldn’t be that anymore.

Eventually, my life grew into a series of unexpected left turns and I faced challenges I had never once experienced such as:

The very first company I worked for got sold that resulted in moving across country.

Had my daughter amidst the height of my career.

Experienced numerous executive leadership changes that directly affected my company role and my desire to stay.

I felt completely out of control in different times throughout my career and had to make the conscious choice to make hard-right decisions.

Have you ever faced an unexpected left turn?

The kind of left turn that changes everything? Perhaps it’s an unexpected career shift, a personal or family illness, divorce or toxic leadership at work?

These types of challenges can be completely life-changing and put us in a relentless self-survival mode that causes us to question the core of who we really are.

Is there more?

Am I doing what I’m meant to be doing?

Is what I’m doing the best choice for me and my family?

How do I overcome some of the major strongholds that are holding me back?

How can I take back control of life or work with a plan to succeed?


I Know How You Feel

For years, I wrestled with the tension of experiencing numerous left turns in my life. From career shifts to the loss of my husband, I faced many challenges I thought were truly insurmountable.

I understand what it feels like to not have a clear path set for what it means to be a leader, mom and wife.

It’s hard, but I’ve been there, too. And although I was never perfect, I did manage to achieve success and significance the best way I knew how – and, raise an outstanding daughter in the process.

I want you to achieve a life well-led and prove that it is vital to be yourself while helping others along the way. Why? Because moving from success to significance starts with the heart. There are so many ways to be a leader, but the one who inspires others and helps them achieve their full potential is a leader who is gracious and strong.

That’s what this blog, is all about and I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve learned in my 40+ years of leadership. Through this content you will discover how to:

  • Find true significance in everything you do,
  • Overcome leadership strongholds,
  • Have confidence in who you are as a leader,
  • Become a more selfless leader who creates opportunity for those around them,
  • More easily pursue your leadership calling,
  • Liberate yourself to be authentic,
  • Look back and look ahead to a life well-led, and
  • Set a strong example for your children and family.

What do you think?

Are you ready to live a life well-led?

If so, be sure to sign up for first-hand access to my content throughout the month. You’ll receive my free guide on The 4 Tenants of How to Overcome Unexpected Challenges in Leadership and Life designed to help you rise above those initial strongholds we as leaders often face.

In the meantime, thanks again for stopping by. Here’s to an exciting journey ahead!

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